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At Flexible Warehouse we offer you the choice of comparing your shipping options UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL or freight. It makes finding the right option for your particular shipment easier.

Need help choosing the best service or maybe you need our help in packaging your goods, we can do it. We offer the materials (boxes, cushion, tape, pallet, stretch wrap) and help you get your products shipped efficiently and safely to the end-user.

We can help with

  • Preparing your shipment.
  • Where do you want your shipment to go to?
  • When do you want your shipment to arrive?
  • What are you shipping and what is the value of your shipment?
  • Tracking your shipment.

From parcels to pallets and everything in-between, how can we help you today?


Shipping a parcel or pallet is easy, but receiving might be another story. Maybe you’re in and out of your ‘ship to’ location all day. Have it shipped to us, we’ll store or hold it for you to pick-up at a later date. Maybe you bought an added number of widgets to get a better bulk price, but don’t have any space in which to store them. Send them to us and we’ll warehouse your inventory. Also, we can inspect the goods to be sure they were not damaged during the shipping process. Trust me when we sign for it and add a notation that the shipment was received damaged, claims are much easier to process and get paid quicker.

"Tracking a package / shipment" With many shipping methods at your disposal, we’ll assist in tracking your shipments, wherever they may be.

" Storage / Warehousing" What makes Flexible Warehouse Solutions special is our ability to store or warehouse your shipments (inventory). Yes, have your shipments sent to us if you are unable to receive them, it’s what we do best! Call us for details!

"Custom / Standard packaging" We have all of the packaging materials on-site; different sized boxes, bubble wrap, paper cushion, tape, shipping labels. We will find the best packaging solution for your needs.” Also, if a standard option doesn’t work how about working with one of our custom packaging advisors to find a custom fit.

"Onsite - labor services" Need help with a project? We offer support on location. Come on in and we’ll assist whether it is for 2 hours (minimum) or for the day, we are here to help you with whatever you need help with!